Service & Support

We make your business our business with unrivaled support structures. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with world class support, any time of the day, across South Africa and beyond.


No matter what level of service you need, there’s a ITSSA service to support your critical operations and help improve business outcomes

ITSSA Cares services set the bar for service, support and repair.
After all, nobody knows our products better than we do.

When your business requires the highest level of service possible, choose ITSSA for your enterprise devices. Using our Visibility Services and Support Services, you choose the service components to meet the exact needs of your business and your workforce.

Key features include:

  • Software Release Management
  • Single Point of Contact for Service Management
  • Incident, and Problem Management
  • Visibility service options
  • Hot Swops
  • Repair of all devices for all major manufactures
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Support for new and legacy equipment


Finding the right solution for your business is vital.

Our experienced staff have matched tens of thousands of individual applications, with our range of enterprise solutions, and are here to assist. ITTSA has the technical expertise and a comprehensive range of world class networking and mobile products to ensure you make the right selection, and have it arrive where and when you need it

We recognise each of our Customers has unique requirements, so we can tailor rental equipment, periods and pricing to suit individual needs. You have the choice between short term and long term rentals.

Benefits of renting:

  • Saves money in many cases
  • Caters to short-term equipment need
  • Provides specialty performance
  • Satisfies temporary production increases
  • Fills in when regular machines need maintenance or fail
  • Helps meet deadline crunches
  • Expands machine inventory
  • Increases overall capability when and where needed
  • Eliminates responsibility of testing, maintenance, service
  • Makes the project schedule easier to manage with on-demand resources
  • Working capital remains intact and no deposit is required.
  • Rentals are not balance sheet items and consequently do not require Capex approval.
  • Purchase of cutting-edge technology is facilitated.
  • Initial monthly rental fees can be reduced by applying an annual escalation, supported by the additional turnover generated by the equipment acquisition.
  • Rental implies not only that cash outflows are minimised, but that they become predictable, thereby enhancing the reliability of the firm’s business plan.
  • Existing credit lines are unaffected.
  • The monthly rental fee is tax deductible and no more than a small percentage of an up-front cash price.
  • Swop out units if faulty, with minimal downtime.

Want to know more?

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Our main focus is you

We aim to deliver world-class service and to be a global leader in providing enterprise and industrial-grade mobile technology.

Quality is the mission of the company.

We will never compromise on quality or service.

Our goal is to exceed customer satisfaction and achieve customer success through the world’s best quality and service.


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