Ensuring efficient use of employees’ time

Mobility has become “the go to” standard for enterprise connectivity today. As more and more devices are connecting to the wireless networks, customers are facing increased pressure to ensure the availability and performance of the network is enterprise grade.

Wireless LAN Health Check

Many Wireless LAN infrastructures that were built till now are significantly under-performing today with the increased number of end user devices ranging from old to the latest WLAN technology and in some cases completely failing. It’s important to reassess your current Wireless LAN infrastructure capacity and scalability on a regular basis.

Savantis Wi-Fi Health Check identifies weak wireless spots and security concerns in your wireless environment. By testing broadcast frequencies, access point placement, and signal strengths, a wireless network assessment determines channel conflicts, electromagnetic interference, and congestion from municipal Wi-Fi or neighbouring Wi-Fi networks. We conduct a thorough walk-through at your environment, making passive and active assessments. We collect the wireless test data and create a detailed report that identifies the poor quality of experience areas, different risks and describes remediation solutions. The customized report is presented to you, walking you through the findings and recommendations.

Advisory and Implementation Services

• Wireless LAN strategy and analysis – We help you build use cases for business and technology and help identify metrics to track the outcomes. This includes topics such as monetization, customer experience management and reducing operational costs.

• Wireless LAN Planning, Design and Implementation – Our experts will identify network improvements, perform risk assessment, provide expert assistance to derive the implementation plans, ensure smooth integration that avoids costly delays and determine next steps for migration on your digital business journey.

Managed Services

The journey towards digital business is changing at an incredible pace. The demands on IT to meet the business demands with minimal complexity and reduce costs is increasing. Savantis managed services helps you manage and optimize your networks and IT environment. We simplify the IT operations, proactive problem resolution and ensure network uptime. Our solutions are deployed in both on-premise and the cloud and our managed services cover both options.

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