Warehouse Management Solutions

Optimize costs and service levels in everyday warehouse operations

A warehouse management solution streamlines the processes within the warehouse and ensures a structured workflow is followed from the time the stock arrives at the warehouse, is put away, picked, packed and dispatched to the customer.


  • Cloud or SaaS based deployment options for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster speed to value
  • Persona based user experience and mobile enabled
  • Dynamic task management
  • Configurable workflows and extensibility to personalize solution without customization
  • Management and support of a wide range of automation
  • Integrated labor productivity and profitability through engineering standards in a unified commerce context
  • Standard APIs for integration to OMS, Logistyx and Centiro to support unified commerce fulfillment


  • System optimized and directed task management and decreased non-productive time
  • Improved inventory accuracy, visibility and rotation leads to less lost, damaged and obsolete inventory
  • Increased productivity leads to reduced expenses
  • Enhanced customer experience through improved speed, accuracy and reliability

ITSSA is a proud partner of JDA and CQUENTIAL



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