Whatever your public sector mission, our government technology products, solutions and services integrate cutting-edge technology, enabling you to capture real-time data at the edge for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making.


Public sector technology solutions empower government agencies to improve efficiency with asset tracking and data capture devices.



Public organizations tend to lag behind, and lack the burning platform to spark a significant commitment to internal communication. Public organizations often fail to see the value of internal communication and engagement, and as such the under-performing pattern tends to be self-perpetuating.


Marking, tracking, mobile scanning/printing technologies and support services enable unprecedented connectivity and accurate real-time data capture for a clear picture of your total environment — from physical assets to personnel. Your agency can modernize its IT capabilities, collaborate more easily and use legacy technology in innovative ways to enable better decision making for faster, more secure delivery of services.


Faster Response Time to Problems and Emergencies: Having a clear process for connecting staff to the right information at the right time helps stops issues from becoming problems. When something inevitably goes wrong, the whole team can respond quickly.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Customer Service

Featured Solutions

Civilian Agencies

Our innovative technologies help agencies capture data, track assets and monitor personnel, creating more accurate inventories, improving service delivery, lowering costs and boosting efficiencies.

Military And Department Of Defense

Military departments can use our technology solutions to track munitions and military hardware, safeguard the warfighter and operate more efficiently. Enhance tactical operations with real-time awareness of assets’ location, condition and availability.

Local Government

Citizens expect prompt and effective delivery of government services from their state and local agencies. Our extensive partner network means that we can support state and local governments anywhere, providing the latest solutions in identity, mobility and real-time locating and tracking..

Law Enforcement

Accurately track personnel and equipment, manage assets in real-time, issue electronic tickets and perform local look-ups and remote searches. Our edge-sensing, mobility and printing solutions allow law enforcement and first responders to better respond to events as they unfold.


Maintain awareness of students’ movements and keep accurate inventories of campus assets, including valuable equipment, with our identity and asset management solutions. Gain revenue by enforcing campus parking regulations, quickly, correctly and efficiently.

Public Healthcare

Identify, track and monitor every patient, staff member and asset to gain the most complete and accurate picture of your healthcare environment. Correctly identify patients and caregivers, matching records, medications, care protocols and more. Share data seamlessly and securely, and maintain optimal workflows for increased productivity.